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Install TV Brackets

TV Brackets Installation


At LS Handyman Singapore, we provide you with a TV brackets installation service. We understand that although at first, this may seem like a simple task, it can soon become quite difficult and when done incorrectly, can result in your TV Breaking due to an incorrect or faulty TV hanger. We provide a range of TV wall mount services for all major TV’s from Panasonic and Sony to Hitachi and Toshiba TV’s. Our service is simply, smooth and we hope to have your TV mounted as soon as possible.

We begin by attaching your TV mounting brackets to the TV itself. This is usually an easy task and can be done by following the guide that comes with the TV. However, it is important to make sure that the mounting brackets are efficiently fixed to the TV. Any loose screws could in the long-term result in the TV falling from the wall and consequently your TV will be broken. Our staff will check to ensure that all of the brackets and screws are efficiently put together to prevent any issues in the future. Once you have ensured that your TV mounting brackets are secure, you must attach them to your wall plate. After these have been attached, you can begin working on the measurements for where you want to place your TV. On your wall, you should mark the location in which your TV wall mount brackets will be placed. It is important for this to be extremely accurate, as if this is incorrect you will notice that your TV is slightly slanted to one side or another, causing frustration while you try and watch the TV.

After you have marked where you want to place your TV you can begin the mounting process. However, it is important that during this process you work out what your wall is actually made from. If you gave a dry wall, we would advise that you do not place your TV wall mount brackets. Dry walls are always softer than normal walls and as a result may not have the strength to hold up your TV, resulting in not only your TV falling down, but also the destruction of your wall, something you definitely do not want within your home. We advise that you mount your tv brackets on a concrete wall. These walls are the strongest you can get and are sturdy enough to hold up your TV brackets.

Our staff make sure that throughout the entire process we use the right equipment for the job. If you believe you may have lost or have been provided with the wrong screws to mount your TV then please inform us before the job so that we may find a replacement. Once you have done this, we can ensure that your TV will be quickly mounted on your wall in a place where it is both safe and ensures that you can watch your TV from a good angle.

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